SIMOBA CERA pad XL basal

The CERA pad XL basal features removable, filled and unfilled, individually exchangeable pads with special surface structures for basal stimulation. The high weight prevents any movement or slipping, thus, the pad can be put on the bedrail, for example. Suitable for basal/tactile stimulation. Extremely flexible usage.

The CERA pad XL basal features a firmly sewed strap on each side for transport; the straps are not a hazard to the patient.

Core: food-grade synthetic material in honeycomb structure for permanent ventilation and recovery behaviour; case: 100% polyester, quick-drying and temperature regulating; cover: 100% PES (polyester), quick-drying and temperature regulating.

Instructions for care:
Core and case: to be cleaned in immersion bath by using Sekusept Aktiv by Ecolab; cover: zip fastener to take out inlet, can be washed separately at 60°C, or, as an alternative, disinfection by spray, e.g. Incidin Liquid by Ecolab. ready to be used again and again, maintenance-free, durable and inherently stable. Tactile elements can be attached and removed separately for disinfection with a spray. SIMOBA will not be liable for any damage resulting from improper treatment.

For use in:
Nursing homes, home care services, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, hospices, domestic care by family members.

Size (height x length x width): 4 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm
Multiple stiched, foldable once or twice
Weight: 2.800 kg