The CERA grip was designed for the heavily spastic and hemiplegic hand. Hemiplegic stroke and brain injury patients tend to lapse into spastic patterns. Therefore, the CERA grip can be used for temporary, daily mobilisation and stimulation of the hand, thus preventing the risk of a permanent and irreversible contracture.

The CERA grip features a firmly sewed strap on each side for transport; the straps are not a hazard to the patient. The honeycomb structure grants for permanent ventilation and oxygen circulation; the risk of inflammation is minimised. And even if the pad covers the patient’s face, there is no danger of suffocation.

Core: food-grade synthetic material in honeycomb structure for permanent ventilation and recovery behaviour; case: 100% polyester, quick-drying and temperature regulating; cover: 100% PES (polyester), quick-drying and temperature regulating.

Instructions for care:
The CERA grip can be cleaned in an immersion bath by using Sekusept Aktiv by Ecolab for instance, or, for quick use, by cold disinfection with a spray (e.g. Incidin Liquid by Ecolab); ready to be used again and again, maintenance-free, durable and inherently stable.

For use in:
Nursing homes, home care services, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, neurosurgical clinics, hospices, domestic care by family members.

Please note: also available as a set with CERA pad S (cf. CERA set 1).