Perfect surface, 100% PES

A breathable, skin-friendly case made of eFLAT 100% PES surrounds the honeycomb structure of the core of SIMOBA products. The cover keeps the skin dry in contact and avoids heat accumulation. Furthermore, the eSPACER PES material reduces shearing forces, which prevents skin irritations and injuries.

SIMOBA products can also be used for basal stimulation. Thanks to the heavy weight of SIMOBA pads and pillows, they produce perception of pressure which makes patients feel comfortable and relaxed. The cover made of eSPACER PES featuring various surfaces helps to stimulate and keep patients occupied. Additionally, the CERA pad XL basal and CERA pad XL duo are equipped with haptic surfaces.

The covers’ fresh colours enforce the stimulating effects of SIMOBA products, too. Brilliant colours provide contrasts and encouragement for the patients. SIMOBA products can easily be identified and applied according to their bright colours.

The cases can be machine washed quite easily at 60°C. As durable products, they can be used again and again. The case of SIMOBA products features a special fast drying zip fastener and a rubberised zipper, which will stay dry in every situation.

High-value materials in every detail: SIMOBA products are sewed with an Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certified thread.

More benefits at a glance:

  • Permanent ventilation, good micro-climatic properties
  • No moisture regain: humidity absorption, no sweating
  • Machine washable at 60°C