People in need of care will better be able to use their resources, if their muscles are able to relax. The SIMOBA positioning system supports relaxation and stimulates the patients’ perception and mobility. People in need of care benefit from

  • Respiratory support
  • Ventilation, also in atelectasis (ventilation deficiency in the lungs)
  • Support of posture
  • Support of eating and drinking position
  • Aspirational prophylaxis
  • Comfort, convenience
  • Humidity absorption
  • Perception
  • Positioning support
  • Reducing fears by soft techniques
  • Reduction of pain level
  • Reduction of pain medication
  • Regaining autonomy or conservation of partial autonomy
  • improved well-being

SIMOBA products provide the following benefits for carers:

  • Reducing work load by easy and quick usage
  • Less physical strain
  • More appreciation from patients
  • Improvement of mental capacity and professional satisfaction